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Germany – Poland Digital Bridge


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Germany - Poland Digital Bridge - an inspiring case studies session and targeted 1:1 meeting promises knowledge gain and new business contacts.

The match-making even brings together Polish and German companies. This in a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and broaden your network. It is the way to speak about challenges we have on both sides of the border and talk about possible cooperation and partnership. 

Germany and Poland's collaboration in technology is creating thousands of jobs, generating investment in both our economies. Let's find common points that will help to grow our businesses. 

Germany-Poland B2B meetings are for IT companies who want to build a progessional network, share their knowledge and get new business contacts or start cooperation. The model is time - and cost-efficient and result is business! 


How can you benefit from this event?

- promote your business and technologies,

- meet new busienss contact and share valuable knowledge on the IT field,

- new opportunity to generate fresh business leads,

- inspiring conversations, new ideas and solutions,

- quick, valuable meetings in a time and cost-efficient way.


How it works?

Our model of B2B meetings includes:

- Three 15minutes long case studies by compsnies from Germany and Poland

- Two 3 hours long matchmaking sessions, each of them having 20 minutes long 1:1 video meetings. 


All conversations will be held in English.

The top 5 objectives to make your stay a success: 

- Meet Partners and Customers

- Discover New Projects

- Make New Alliances

- Get information about the challenges of the software companies in both countries


We would like to thank our partners: 

Co-organizer PAIH Frankfurt and Community Partner SIBB