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Defining target group in Software Houses


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SoDA just launched SoDA Academy and with that we want to invite you for a series of webinars about the most interesting topic for all of us - Sales! 

For the members of our community we invited the expert in our industry - Szymon Negacz from Sellwise. He will lead 5 3-hour long online workshops dedicated to Software Houses at SoDA. It's a perfect opportunity to help navigate your sale processes and redefine them. 


During the first meeting "Defining target group in Software Houses" you'll learrn:

- How to properly define target group?

- How to define target group so it can be usuful for both sales department and marketing people?

- How to map the true issues and challenges of your target group?

- How does your target group buys your products?

There will be also an hour for Q&A.


The whole workshop series is devided into 5 topics:

#REDEFINE - Defining target group for a Software House

#MANAGE - Lean Sales Management 

#GATHER - Prospecting

#SELL - Sales process

#MEASURE - Establishing KPI for sales

You can't miss it!