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 We invite you to our SoDA TECH meetup - a close event for the members of the organization. 


This initiative is a cycle of four one hour long online meetups that will take place every two weeks. It's dedicated to the tech people of companies belonging to SoDA. Each meeting is a 40-45 min case study presentation about the project and the solution, followed by a 15-20min Q&A. 


Michał Misiewicz -
Michał Misiewicz
Mariusz Dobrowolski -
Mariusz Dobrowolski
Paweł Szymura -
Paweł Szymura
Krzysztof Szabelski -
Krzysztof Szabelski

Conference Agenda

Every meetup is led by a different specialist who's going to share his knowledge and experience with us. 


We also invite you to fill out the form to present your unique insights in the upcoming events. 


Call 4 Papers
Michał Misiewicz


Michał Misiewicz

A little bit of Druid magic in the Big Data world

Mariusz Dobrowolski


Mariusz Dobrowolski

Offline first

Paweł Szymura


Paweł Szymura

SOLID rules

Krzysztof Szabelski


Krzysztof Szabelski

Managing technology standards in growing software company

Meetings & Networking
Managing technology standards in growing software company

The topic is a mix of technology and management. In other words, we'll talk about managing technology standards in a scaling software house. I'm co-managing Future Processing. My story started when the company had 80 employees as a software developer. I got involved into the organization management role like knowledge sharing, securing the code quality between teams and promoting good coding practices. For the last 3 years I've been a Head of Technology. 

During the meetup I'll share my experience from the last 11 years of my work. 


- Krzysztof Szabelski from Future Processing 


SoDA Meetup

SoDA Conference in pill

TECH topics

Practical tech lectures full of examples and inspiration. No sales, pure know-how.

Knowledge sharing

A unique opportunity to gain new knowledge and discuss tech topics with the best of the best in our community.


After the presentation, we invite you to ask some questions during the Q&A where you can get to know other SoDA members and get answers to all of your questions.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've decided to go fully ONLINE with out meetups.



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