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'Break the selling patterns' - Inspirational workshop

Location: Cracow

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At SoDA, we are starting a new series of sales meetings targeted to our member companies

This time, we invite you to an inspirational workshop - "Break the salling patterns"  


Who is the workshop for?

The inspirational workshop is intended for business owners, directors, bosses and sales managers, and for all those who are responsible for sales and customer acquisition in the software house.

These people usually face many challenges in the sales field, and their particular frustration is caused by the following issues:

☄️ difficulty in getting to the right people and getting them interested in your solution

☄️ frequent "breaking down" into a long, protracted decision-making process on the client's side (many people, procedures, tenders etc.)

☄️ constant need to overcome customer objections and doubts (frequent price pressure, strong commercial position of the buyer)

☄️ high customer expectations that involve in a degree disproportionate to the potential results of cooperation (meetings, demonstrations, presentations, consulting, etc.) 

☄️ long-term relationships building with potential customers, which in effect do not end up with you being included in the list of suppliers


What will you gain thanks to the workshop:

☄️ you will realize what are the main mistakes we make in sales and how to avoid them

☄️ you will learn how to deal with constant objections and price pressure from the customer,

☄️ you'll see that sales do not have to involve pushing and  calling to more customers

☄️ you'll find that selling can be easy if you break the "traditional seller" scheme

☄️ you will learn the 7 steps of the Sandler Sales System (10 times winner of the world ranking Top 20 Sales Training Companies)


 25.02.2020, 5.30pm at the Codibly office Długa Street 72, Cracow


To take part in the workshops you have to:

➡️ be a member of SoDA

➡️ register via the https://evenea.pl/event/835626-4/ platform