How to manage currency rish in SH effectively? |

How to manage currency rish in SH effectively?


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Together with our partner Citi Handlowy, we are pleased to invite you to the “How to effectively manage currency risk in SH?” webinar. 


Do you sell your services abroad? Are you wondering what influence the exchange rate changes have on your results? Do you want to protect yourself against their negative influence? You will find answers to these and many other questions during our meeting.


Date: 29th of April at 2.00 PM

The meeting will be held in Polish.




During the meeting, we will discuss the following issues:
◾ What could be the sources of currency expansion (both obvious and more latent)?
◾ What characterizes the conscious management of currency risk?
◾ How can a banking product be part of any contract?

It’s all based on scenarios such as:
◾ Late payment for services;
◾ Working less or more hours than expected;
◾ Contract extended or terminated during its term.

Speaker: Piotr Łaś - responsible for financial risk management, derivatives, and training in treasury products at Citi Handlowy. His professional career is related to the financial market and works in the banking sector in various institutions and various segments, from investment banking (the process of organizing and selling bonds issued by Polish companies on foreign markets) to corporate banking and specializing in financial and derivative instruments. Currently, the area of Piotr’s professional work is the broadly understood financial risk management of enterprises - from the preparation of a financial risk management policy to the implementation of derivative hedging transactions. For almost 20 years he has been associated with Citi Handlowy. For years, Piotr has been successfully training Citi clients in Poland, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Egypt.