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Where should SH get leads from?


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Do you remember our cooperation with Casbeg? Casbeg is an expert in organizing marketing and sales processes in B2B companies, who will conduct a series of three valuable online sales webinars for SoDA companies. The second meeting in the series is coming soon.

Date: March 5th at 10.00 AM

The meeting will be held in Polish


Free Registration, Only for SoDA Members: https://app.evenea.pl/event/835626-80/



◼ Marketing channels and budget - what to use and how much to spend to attract customers.
◼ What to do to make Clutch bring leads and not just showcase?
◼ Content Marketing for Software House.

◼ The most common mistakes made by SH.


Michał Budniak - Customer Success Manager at Casbeg. Michał has 12 years of experience in marketing and managing teams. His areas of expertise include performance marketing, B2B company strategy, foreign expansion, and lead generation. He worked in leading B2B and B2C companies - including Divante, Trans.eu, Archicom. Trainer, lecturer, author of articles in the trade press. He participated in consulting projects for companies such as TenderHut, BinarApps, Droid On Roids, Prowly, Exaco, Livespace, Miquido, and Neoteric.