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We like to say that developing software is our side job; our focus is on accommodating it to its users. We love to help people get a gain in health, time or life comfort. DO OK is a consultancy and software development company. We focus on delivering comprehensive software services for FinTech, MedTech, Healthcare, supply chain using big data, blockchain, IoT, web applications, mobile, and end-to-end solutions. We don’t pursue projects that are unwanted – so you can expect substantive feedback and actual assistance in the process of developing the solution. Our teams completed over 90 projects for clients from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and the USA. We work from Poland. DO OK's partners value our substantive support, analysis, and understanding of needs and expectations, which is why 9/10 of them recommend our services or carry out new projects with us.


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Dmitrij Żatuchin:

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    is a organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland with an aim to adapt to the continuing changes in the software development industry and provide tools to our members to excel in that environment.


    Tamka 16/12, Warsaw, Poland


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