Software Development Association Poland

We promote, support, grow and integrate Polish software companies. We unite the industry searching for synergies and co-operations.

Software Development Association Poland

is an organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland. Our goal is to connect different industry players and to provide useful tools to our members.

SoDA Members represent companies from 20 to 300 people.


SoDA organization consists of various initiatives and many activities. We aim at providing the real value & benefits.


Events, Webinars and Seminars for our members. We create education materials and share the know-how.

Sales & Marketing

B2B matchmaking meetings, co-operations with other Industry Associations, access to potential leads.

Meetings & Networking

General activities of SoDA, organization of annual conferences and networking.

Legal & Dotations

Mutual agreements, access to legal files, GDPR regulations checklist and many other documents. 

Internal Collaboration

Cooperation between Members. Exchange of leads and software developers.

Promotional Abroad Activities

Strong brand of a Software Development community. We promote the industry worldwide.


Internal channel for discussions and knowledge exchange. 

Memberships & Administration

Issues related to members. We help members achieve higher standard of work.

Management Board

Bartosz Majewski
Founding Member & President

Founder of Codibly

Konrad Weiske
Founding Member & Vice-President

CEO of Spyrosoft

Damian Winkowski
Founding Member & Vice-President

Co-Founder of Desmart

Board of Directors

Jerzy Kufel
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors


Łukasz Konior
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors

COO All In Mobile

Paweł Janda
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors

CEO Mobitouch

Jakub Guziński
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors

Business Development Manager Neoteric

Przemek Grzywa
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors

Co-founder Revolve

Dmitrij Żatuchin
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors


Robert Strzelecki
Founding Member, Member Of The Board Of Directors

CEO TenderHut


Join SoDA organization and be part of a better future. SoDA exists to:

  • Create an economy of scale that helps in generating savings for our members.
  • Provide a forum for discussing management problems.
  • Provide a network of C-Level Executive for fellowshipping.
  • Provide tools to share resources/leads/projects within members.
  • Share current problems and solutions.
  • Interact with other organizations, government entities, and individuals
  • Promote professionalism among our members.
  • Create standards for the software development industry
  • Educate member to be better managers

Membership Benefits

  • A group for sharing knowledge on Software House topics
  • Exchange of experts / resources
  • Stock exchange for leads, exchange of projects, mutual support in the implementation of contracts
  • Regular substantive meetings (SoDA Meetups)
  • Database of software companies
  • Contract templates
  • Organization of study and business trips
  • Joint participation in foreign fairs and conferences
  • Workshops and trainings for members
  • Information on subsidies
  • B2B matchmaking events abroad

Join SoDA


Our members include companies ranging from 20 to 300+ employees, Poland’s wide.

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    is a organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland with an aim to adapt to the continuing changes in the software development industry and provide tools to our members to excel in that environment.


    Tamka 16/12, Warsaw, Poland


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